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Watch our powerful introduction video to 7 on 10 and find out why this is more than just making a film.

Our goal is to help and empower the community we represent in the film by providing jobs, visibility and support NOW. Not after we make the film. We will work hand in hand with select non profit organizations to train, employ and shine light on the issues of many incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women including alcoholism and addiction, employment eligibility and excessive sentences.


7 on 10 is also unique in that is has many layered and diverse roles for women, was written by and will be directed by a woman.


**Why is this significant?


** Female Directors 2013: 6% (down 3% from 2012)  ** Female Writers 2013: 10% (down 5% from 2012)


A main theme in 7 on 10 is how addiction/alcoholism play a huge role in women going in and out prison.   One of the most important elements in building a successful future once incarcerated women gain physical freedom is having a supportive environment; opportunities, training and a bridge back to being sober, employed women of dignity.


Programs that offer these types of services have an enormous impact on recitivism rates in this country. In fact women who go through one of our affiliate programs are 75 percent more likely to stay out of prison after leaving. Women who do not attend any kind of program have a 75 percent chance of RETURNING to prison. 





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